Zaloa Basaldua – Spain


Summary of projectidea/purpose
Altrapo Lab
is a creative clothes recycling project where we work to recover the value of the clothes.

We come from very different backgrounds; fashion design and patterning, education, theatre costumes, philosophy, fine arts, audio visuals… and what connects us is our passion for the reuse, sustainability and creativity around clothing!

Collaborations and exchanges build in E-mpulse game:
exchanged ideas with learning buddy Nduku from Kenya, exchanged ideas with Aysu from Turkey, Gabriel from Brasil and Areen and Azeer from India.

How to support Zaloa:

Support in finding 12 people for a workshops in the shop from January to June. We would need help to find the crowd!

Develop further the education area:
1- Have 2 meetings with educational institutions. More contacts.
2- Develop 4 didactic unities. And in some point help with the graphic desing and layout…

Find more about these questions and Altrapo Lab and get in touch with Zaloa here