Yawa Hansen-quao (Ghana)

YHQClosing our list of contributors we bring a powerful voice from Africa, Yawa Hansen Quao.

She is a Ghanaian FounderSocial Entrepreneur and a Feminist. Yawa sits on the board of Ashesi University College, serves on the Advisory Board, Women’s Institute for Global Leadership, Benedictine University, founder of the Leading Ladies Network (LLN), a member of the African Leadership Network and the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community.

She will bring to the festival a rich source of experience in women empowerment, value-based-partnerships and many stories and experiences in fighting for the rights of education for girls.

Yawa has an enormous entrepeneurial power, building networks and capacity based on values such as servant Leadership, Integrity, Compassion, Culture, Family. Find out more about her work with LLN herehttp://www.leadingladiesnetwork.org/ and check out here how this powerful voice, speaks of how to find your voice as African woman.

More information about Yawa

Yawa holds a Masters degree in Gender, Peace & Security from the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center; an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Ashesi University College, Honors in Entrepreneurship and New Product Development from American University of Rome, Italy; and a Certificate in Radio and Television Presentation from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.Yawa is also a Protocol School of Washington certified Corporate Etiquette & Interntional Protocol Consultant. In 2012, Yawa published her first book Daughters of Zelophehad.

Yawa is a member of the African Leadership Network. In addition to being a member of the World Economic Forum‘s Global Shapers Community, Yawa serves on the Global Shapers Foundation Board as well as the Board of Directors for Ashesi University College. Yawa also serves as a leadership consultant to UN Womenhelping to develop leadership curricula to enhance the capacity of women leaders in East and Southern Africa.