Themes of collaboration

header festival

During this 2-day festival we will build, experience, question, answer and deepen collaboration with 75 participants from a wide variety of sectors, but with an underlying connection of aiming to transform societies.

Within this context we are putting five key questions at the centre of the event. In the program will host 5 inspirational speakers who will bring their perspective and experience to this question, as well as a case study that we´ll dig into together.

Our five key questions are:

Complexity: How to build resilient collaborations for social change under circumstances of uncertainty and complexity?

Diversity: how to work with the oneness (uniqueness) and diversity at the same time? How to embrace differences in a space of common dreaming/visioning?

Peer-2-peer: How can we go from scaling up to scaling deep in a global context? How to build truly peer to peer international collaborations?

Value based partnerships: How can we shift our (economic) relationships with supporters from dependency to empowerment? And build relationships based on common values?

Cooperation: How to develop human centred cooperation within a competitive mainstream?