Leticia Uttermoehl – Brasil


Summary of projectidea/purpose
Our dream is to transition Círculo de Soñadoras from a South America-based project to an international social organization, delivering work not only in South America, but in Greece, Canada, Lebanon, and the rest of the world.

Goal 1: Create and launch an international name and logo
Goal 2: to have an annual international meeting.
Goal 3: to be financially sustainable and have a sound businessmodel
Goal 4: create new workshops and trainings and increase amount of facilitators
Goal 5: create a functioning organizational network structure

Current needs

Defining best international structure and advice on that. Financial resources to organize an international gathering and a training for women to become circulo de sonhadoras workshop facilitators and part of the growing

Collaborations and exchanges build in E-mpulse game
Building cross-national experiences, network and organization with Eirini Vainikioti (Greece), Tania Villareal (Colombia) and Dona Gaegae (Canada)