Game principles

The E-mpulse game is built on the foundation of 5 years of building the E-motive network and 15 years of experience of Instituto Elos with impulsing social initiatives in local and international context. From this two big influences we extracted 8 key-principles of the E-mpulse game;

1 e-motive which stands for equality, motivation, equity and movement

2 play the game change the game; We believe that changing the world and building projects can and should be fun!

3 the power of collectivity; we believe all the answers, connections and resources are available to help us all further.

4 matchmaking is not about finding a sack of money, but about building relationships of mutual benefit and mutual learning

5 inter-local collaboration: we believe in interlocal partnership, you’re local solution can be an inspiration and innovation for an overseas partner.

6 we love challenges;

7 everybody wins; whether you come to madrid or not, we will all make sure you´ll leave feeling you´ve advanced in your project, personally grown and won something you didn´t even knew you could.

8 entrepreneurship is an attitude, we don’t ask you to build a company, but we’ll support you to bring your dreamproject to realization

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