The incubation process is focused on helping you to take your collaboration and project to the next level, but at the same time it is a collective challenge to find support for all participants involved.

The whole process of the E-mpulse Game has the following components:

  • An online workspace for presenting and developing projects, sharing experiences, tools, working materials, and support between members. Every three to four weeks you´ll receive a new challenge.
  • Online coaching (as groups and individuals)
  • Group mentoring and renowned specialists’ online masterclasses
  • Collective matchmaking and mobilization process of funders and supporters
  • A closing collaborative offline event for participants to present their project achievements to the platform members and partners.

Supported by our online game, a worldwide community of participants you will receive coaching and support of experienced facilitators and speakers, which will get you ready to present your plan to partners, supporters and funders that will be matched during the process or you could meet at the E-mpulse festival in Madrid.

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