Gabriel Marmentini – Brasil


Summary of project idea/purpose: Politze

The idea is to educate young people about politics, where the focus is on the practical not the theory. It will take place all around Brazil. And the project will be a website for political education with information of quality to be an active and conscious citizen. Through videos, games, infographics, etc. people will learn in a clear and funny way about: how political parties work, how is the electoral system, the organization of the state, the laws and public policies and the mechanisms for the civic participation. Also he wants to create a good methodology to apply on schools that is open for anyone who wants to use and make impact on his/her neighborhood or city.

Current needs
To build bridges with people who might want to apply representing us in other territories. Looking for financial support for growing the project and platform in 2016

Collaborations and exchanges build in E-mpulse game

Learning buddy with Isabel Asensio (spain)