Eirini Vanikioti – Greece


Summary of project idea/Purpose
Our dream is to transition Círculo de Soñadoras from a South America-based project to an international social organization, delivering work not only in South America, but in Greece, Canada, Lebanon, and the rest of the world. To be able to make that jump we want to strengthen, solidify and spread the Soñadoras Movement throughout South America – train more women to give the workshop in their communities so the power of dreams spreads and the movement grows.

Current needs
Defining best structure and advice on how to implement it. Financial resources to build a website, and organize an international gathering and a training for women to become Circulo de Soñadoras workshop facilitators and play an active part in spreading and growing of the Soñadoras mission.


Collaborations and exchanges build in E-mpulse game
Building cross-national experiences, network and organization with Leticia Cortes (Brazil), Tania Villareal (Colombia) and Dona Gaegae (Canada), learning buddyship with Aysu (Turkey)