Edgard Gouveia Júnior (Brasil)

Edgard Gouveia Júnior (Brasil)
Presenting; Play the call .
E-mpulse topic; cooperation
Question; How can game bring irrisistable invitation for international cooperation?


Edgard Gouveia Júnior never gets tired of putting people to play. As founder of ´play the call´ Edgard is going to challenge our views on how cooperation and gaming can create a global movement of transformation.

As architect, Urban Planner and Postgraduate in Cooperative Games, he devoted his career to mobilize children, youth and adults designing and applying virtual games, scavenger hunts and collective actions which lead to small community revolutions.

Edgards latest invitation for playing to change the world, ‘Play The Call’, an online global challenge that has specific tasks in the real world and aims to involve 2 billion people over four years to restore balance in the biosphere. He believes that change the world can be fast, fun and not put in his pocket. Find out more at www.playthecall.com.br

More about Edgard

Edgard is co-founder of Instituto Elos, Warriors Without Weapons Program and the Oasis Game. Ashoka Fellow, Berkana Exchange and TRIP transformers, Professor of Master in Cooperative Games, the Gaia Trainer in Brasiloa and Paraná, Guest lecturer at the Youth Initiative Program (YIP) and MSLS Knowmads in Sweden and the Netherlands.

He is a speaker at various TEDx and international consultant in Europe, North America and Asia which applies social technologies like World Café, Open Space, Circle Dances, not Violent Communication and Oasis Game.