Bob Stilger (US) in dialogue with Val Rocha (Brasil)

Bob Stilger (US) in dialogue with Val Rocha (Brasil)

Presenting; New Stories
E-mpulse topic; complexity
Question; What can we learn from Fukushima about human resillience?



Bob Stilger is Founder of NewStories and works around the world to discover how people are practicing Enspirited Leadership.  He’s the author of NextNow: Living Into and Unknowable Future, published this June in Japan and forthcoming in English in 2016

For the last five years most of Bob’s work has been related to Japan’s triple disasters on March 11th 2011 when first an earthquake, then  tsunami and finally nuclear explosions wreaked havoc on the northeast coast of Japan. Bob felt an irresistible call  to stand with people in communities in the disaster region to help them create the future they wanted, rather than simply waiting for the government to recreate the past. It has been an extraordinary learning ground.

Val Rocha of Instituto Elos Brazil is co-creator of the E-mpulse game and co-designer of the Elos philosophy, which aims to build a movement of people building the world we all dream off. Principally through the Guerreiros sem armas program in which youth work in the complex social context of favela´s building comunity based on a 7-step process. Elos has over the last 7 years impacted over 20.000 people worldwide through the power of building a collective desired future together.

During a dialogue with Bob Stilger calling in from the other side of the world, Val and Bob will go into a dialogue with you around how to dance with the unknown and how to host generative processes in complex contexts.  


More about Bob Stilger:

“I’m Bob Stilger and I founded New Stories in 2000. I now serve with Lynnaea Lumbard as Co-President. I created New Stories because I needed a new story. Before founding New Stories, I had spent 25 years as the co-founder and Executive Director of Northwest Regional Facilitators, one of the early community development corporations in the Northwest. We did some extraordinary work that changed people’s lives, but it was not leading to more healthy and resilient communities. I needed new stories about true community transformation.

In 2000 New Stories partnered with Meg Wheatley from The Berkana Institute and Christina Baldwin from PeerSpirit to launch a global leadership initiative called From the Four Directions. I started to come into relationship with the people I needed to learn from. I was drawn more and more into the web of Berkana and by 2004 took on the Co-Presidency of Berkana with Deborah Frieze, succeeding Meg. Our work with From the Four Directions connected the people who, during the first part of the century, went on to create Art of Hosting and the Berkana Exchange, a learning community of people and places around the world committed to building thriving resilient communities. Many of these dear friends and colleagues are now part of the New Stories Team.

I did extensive work with people in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Senegal, Greece, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia during this time, connecting them and learning with them about how to build healthy communities.

In 2010 my world shifted yet again, when I was invited to introduce Art of Hosting to Japan. Japan had been a spiritual home since my student days there in the early seventies. For the last five years it has been my main place of work. Japan’s triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation on March 11, 2011 created an irresistible call for me to stand with people in communities in the disaster region to help them create the future they wanted, rather than simply waiting for the government to recreate the past. It has been an extraordinary learning ground. ”


More about Val Rocha;

I live and work in this community that inspire and challanges me everyday to become the best version of myself, to find beauty no matter where, to create afection before judgment, to dream big, and together, to make happen, to celebrate life no matter what and to reinvent my self, my dreams, my world.

I find it incredibly addicting and at the same time incredibly challenging to work and live in community. I am then intrigued and driven by the desire of finding ways, and creating strategies to connect with myself, with the other and to make it possible for something to emerge from what we are together.

Complexity, diversity, community…those are the elements that make this adventure even more exciting.

I didn’t know that much about myself till I started to offer feedback for hundreds of youth who went through the Yes Path, an 18 day long on line game created by Instituto Elos. I am also learning that in the right conditions we are able to connect in deep levels with other human beings and respectfully discuss the most conflictuous of the subjects… I am curious to know more about how much are we willing to engage with someone else and colaborate, cocreate or cooperate. In face of the desire to make it happen together, what are our limits and which is the best “together” for each one of us?