Admire Gwatidzdo, Zimbabwe

Summary of project idea/Purpose: The Communiversity leadership program at Kufunda
The Communiversity leadership program it a project that brings young leaders together from 18 to 35 years from different communities in Zimbabwe and the region.  The idea is for them to discover the talents that they have, their passion, dreams for their life and how the can them to building their life and their community and also to give them leadership skills so they be able to engage in change and their inspirations with the leadership/warrior ship qualities with an entrepreneurship mindset.

Collaborations and exchanges build in E-mpulse game
In the empulse game connected with Azeer and Areen (India), Thapelo (South Africa), Sego (Togo) and still to connect with Sari (The Netherlands). Currently on the ground collaborating with organizations in Zimbabwe like Tree of Life, CELUCT, Art Of Hosting, Elos, (These are the main active ones)

How to support Admire:
Admire needs financial support, infrustruture and more support in our team haversting and publication.

“We need connections with friends around the world that we can learn from and take this journey together . Partners and friend that also bring new ways of learning because we believe in diversity learning we will bring positive results.”

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