The E-mpulse game is organized and hosted by Instituto Elos (Brazil), Elos Foundation (Netherlands) and Altekio (Spain). All partners are connected by their work with the Oasis Game and the Elos philosophy

Instituto Elos

logo-Elos_quadradoInstituto Elos offers innovative solutions for building the best of all worlds in a collective, pleasant way, using methodologies based on the Elos Philosophy.

It is increasingly evident our planet’s greatest wealth is diversity. We rely on this diversity when it comes to building strategies for transforming the world. In our vision for a better world, companies and communities, adults and children, governments and civil society work, coexist, live side by side and offer their best for the best of all worlds.

This belief is reflected in our diverse staff, made up of a combination of experiences and a mosaic of knowledge that has been assembled over the course of a history that began in 2000. Elos arose from the coming together of five young architects and has become a multidisciplinary community focused on designing strategies to build the best of all worlds starting right now.

Instituto Elos Brazil has been working the last 15 years building experiences and sharing their knowledge, especially with young leaders, to work in communities and propel a movement to make the world we dream of a reality, NOW.

Working with several learning-by-doing training programs, people across the globe have come to Brazil to experience this philosophy and methodology first hand. Enriched, empowered and equiped, they have returned to their countries, communities and work to apply this experience to realize collective dreams and transform the places they are connected to.

With the Warriors Without Weapons program during 8 editions of the program more than 400 youth impacted 21 communities in Brazil and brought this work to 38 countries, impacting over 300 communities in and outside Brazil. Go to for more information.


Elos Foundation

Eloselos logo Foundation Netherlands is sister organization of Elos Brazil and has for the last 5 years been spreading the work of Elos in Holland, Europe and the Dutch Carribbean. E-motive stood at the basis of connecting a group of social entrepreneurs and the Brazilian instituto Elos in 2010, which led to the start of a lasting collaboration bringing this methdology into the world.

Elos Netherlands has become a reference as a learning institute for community mobilizer and social entrepreneurs, training youth, community workers and social entrepreneurs to become facilitators and organizer of community- and social business development programs.

Through non-formal, learning-by-doing education programs we give participants of our programs a unique experiential learning environment and a set of skills that we see are vital to type of leadership needed in all levels of society. Skills include appreciative enquiry, collaboration and co-creation methods, dialoguing, understanding of (social) processes, facilitation and entrepreneurship.

In most programs of Elos we worked in challenged communities, with the residents and local youth. In many programs students, professionals and social entrepreneurs participate, in mixed diverse intercultural groups which offer very rich mutual learning environments. Go to for more information.


logo solo letrasAltekio, based in Madrid, Spain, is a non-profit social enterprise (a cooperative), created in January 2008 and put in place by 5 professionals working in the field of environmental, social and economic sciences. Its main objective is to promote sustainable lifestyles for people and organizations in order to move towards a more resilient society, economy and planetary living.

Altekio contributes with its expertise in a systemic and comprehensive approach to address sustainability within their projects by means of integrating the ecological, social and economic dimensions in theory and practice. Altekio is an organization with a long experience in leading, teaching and hosting processes of social transformation and innovation.

As trainers, consultants and researchers in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability, its members provide services like the support in the facilitation of leadership, organizational transformation, community empowerment and social entrepreneurship.

Based on the belief that the means to reach the objectives are key elements, Altekio uses innovative methodologies such as social technologies (Open Space, World Cafe, Pro-action cafe…), the Oasis game, future scenario planning, etc.


Altekio is part of the GSA Madrid group that works with a group of facilitators of the Elos philosophy in the Madrid and spain region. Go to or for more information.