From Fukushima to favela´s ‘how do we prosper with an unknowable future’. What can we learn from Fukushima about what is possible now?

Bob Stilger – Founder of NewStories and and works around the world to discover how people are practicing  Enspirited Leadership — and Val Rocha of Instituto Elos Brazil and co-creator of the E-mpulse game will have a dialogue with you around how to dance with the unknown and how to host generative processes in complex contexts.
For the last five years most of Bob’s work has been related to Japan’s triple disasters on March 11th 2011 when first an earthquake, then  tsunami and finally nuclear explosions wreaked havoc on the northeast coast of Japan. Bob felt an irresistible call  to stand with people in communities in the disaster region to help them create the future they wanted, rather than simply waiting for the government to recreate the past. It has been an extraordinary learning ground.

Come and meet val at the E-mpulse festival on november 28 and 29 and join our learning circle with Bob. Find out more information and sign up here