We are proud to present our first speaker and special guest at the E-mpulse festival, John Croft (Australia) & Lizandra Barbuto (Brazil) of Dragon Dreaming.

John, over the last 25 years is the creator and developer of the Dragon Dreaming metamethodology, and has been working in partnership with Lizandra, over the last three years to improve its quality and accelerate the Great Turning around the world, spreading this new win-win-win culture, that truly makes a difference.

They work together to create new tools with a vision to open and facilitate the liberation of collective wisdom for the Great Turning, building a new win-win-win culture (a win for all individuals, for our communities and for the Earth that sustains life) to assist the transition from win-lose and lose-lose hierarchical command and control systems that are destructive of the human spirit, our communities and the life support systems on which we depend.

One of the major problems within the present world of winners and losers is the wound we carry from our contemporary interactions with Money.  Integrating the Dragon Dreaming vision with fundraising, you will leave their workshop with a new way to fundraise and create successful colaborative and collective projects.

Want to get inspired to build a win-win-win culture? Come and meet John and Lizandra at the E-mpulse festival on november 28 and 29. Find out more information and sign up here;

Find out more about John and Lizandra here