E-mpulse festivalThe E-mpulse festival is a 2-day event bringing together changemakers from all over the world to engage in an immerssion around inter-local collaboration, taking place in Madrid 28&29 of november.
For facing current and future global challenges, we see a need to exchange and build innovative (international) collaborations sharing inter-local solutions. During this 2-day festival we will build, experience, question, answer and deepen collaboration with 75 participants from a wide variety of sectors.

The E-mpulse festival is the closing of the first round of the E-mpulse game. Besides inspiring contributers E-mpulse players will be the star. We’ll invite the matchpartners and supporters to come and listen to E-mpulse projectpresentation and partnership proposals while we open up for other changemakers to make new collaboration possible for change.

More info on the E-mpulse festival will be available september 18th.