Julia Ramos, Dragon Dreaming trainer and facilitator will host this workshop with us on the 29th of July from 3 to 5 pm (GMT +2). She will help you with tips and feedbacks of how to go from the dream phase to planning and design.

Dragon Dreaming offers methods for the realisation of creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organisations, built upon three principles:

  • personal growth – commitment to your own healing and empowerment
  • community building – strengthening the communities of which you are a part
  • service to the Earth – enhancing the wellbeing and flourishing of all life

Our activities are build upon a culture of a triple win-win-win.  A win for ourselves personally, for the communities we live in and for the Earth as a whole.  With Dragon Dreaming we are able not only to develop new skills. We also may discover new sides to ourselves and deepen our relationship with life.  At the same time Dragon Dreaming strengthens community, helping us to build and sustain teams based on trust and cooperation, in which communication and appreciation are especially valued.  Dragon Dreaming also fosters diversity, creativity and vitality, not only for ourselves and the team but rather for the whole world. Dragon Dreaming creates sustainability.

Dragon Dreaming offers simple and playful methods for visionary processes, planning, implementation and evaluation. More information here.