Cycle 4 E-mpulse game

This fourth cycle is an important next step in viabilizing your project and is focussed on finding resource-alliances. Resource-alliances are people and/or organizations that have the resources you need to get your project off the ground, that can be; financial, material, intellectual, networks or beyond that.

“In general to achieve sustainability or for the realization of projects we look for answers in financial resources, although we’ve seen that’s not the only resources that need or can be tapped in order to come to a successful boost of bigger and more sustainable dreams and partnerships. A strong supporting network, inspiring projects and experiences, the right knowledge and the right partnerships, will give you these financial resources and a lot more. Our purpose in this step is to make a collective effort to look for the right partner organizations, the resources and supporting networks to realize the projects presented by all the active E-mpulse players.”